Wednesday, October 10, 2007


One of my favourite pastimes is making up words.

A little while back, I coined the word "earlate" which is what you are when you arrive early and then find something to do to kill some time, but kill too much and end up late. You were late, but you should get some credit for having been early in the first place. So you're earlate. I was very proud of that; I hope it catches on.

Here are a couple more of my recent neologisms:

Pressert: the sweet part of the meal you usually eat last but eaten before the main course. I sometimes indulge in pressert when I am too impatient to wait for the main course to come out of the oven.

Carbage: the mess of fast food containers, drink cans, and other junk that builds up in the back seat of a car. I make an effort to keep my carbage to a minimum but every time I look back there -- there it is.

Please use these words as often as you can, preferably in print and referring to this blog if at all possible. I would like to be in the OED someday. It's my OE-Destiny. Hey, there's another one.


Steph said...

I'll definitely start using "Carbage" quite a lot, though I can see people misunderstanding it for just plain "Garbage." You may have noticed I tend to be a slob with my rental cars. I figure, hey, I don't have to clean it, so why should I worry about it being dirty?

And you've never even seen the cars I used to keep for a month because I was auditing Montreal stores.... The carbage accumulation you've seen thus far has been at most a week's worth.

James said...

When I started reading 'pressert' I thought you were talking about the last part of the main course that you eat (I know I'll always leave the best part of the meal - a really nice looking bite of steak, or some very well mixed veggies - til the very end). Make up a word for that one too!